Have you noticed that many companies are using short animated explainer videos to get their message across. Why have these become so popular? Well – they help you tell your stories and can help establish your brand (with memorable characters or visual elements). They should be an important element of your marketing and promotion strategy.


Do you want us to make you an animated video?

They get you noticed!

In terms of getting noticed and engaging your audience videos are generally much more effective than text. Well made videos make good use of graphics and audio to capture the attention of your clients. They can attract more visitors to your website.

They get shared on social media!

Videos are more likely to get shared than text so they can really get your message out much further.

They help you show up in web searches!

Animated videos are good for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Google ranks interesting content higher and videos count as interesting content.


What kind of video would work for you?

You could consider a range of short videos starting with an animated ‘explainer video – which explains what your business or service does. How does it help people? What critical problem does your business solve… You can also have videos for specific products or to describe different aspects of your service. You can include a voice over or have music to accompany the visuals. Go and see more of the videos that we have made for our clients.