Social media management

The importance of social media management

One of the most important ways to engage with your audience/s (whether it is clients, funders, customers or the general public) is to put some time and effort into social media management.

For some people, this might mean producing regular blog posts to drive traffic to your website or regularly uploading content to Facebook or Twitter to generate conversations and activity around your services or products.

Engaging your audience

To be effective, you need to keep engaging your audience and having conversations, so the keywords here are REGULAR interactions and INTERESTING content.

Many people do not have the extra time needed to generate fresh and engaging content. We can help you by managing your social media interactions and producing fresh and engaging content.

Social media management dashboards


We can set up an individual dashboard to bring together all of your social media activities and to enable you to manage it from one place. We can also produce regular posts to the most appropriate social networks to share fresh and engaging content with your audience/s.

We will tailor a service to meet your needs – you may just need help getting started  – so we can offer advice and training to get the best out of social media services, set up a dashboard for you and you and your team can manage it yourselves. Or we can do all of your content development and social media management for you.

Prices are set according to your need, but a full social media management service ranges from £250 – £1000 per month.

What do our social media management services include?

Social media management can include a combination of any of the following:

  • regular blog posts or articles to your website. Regular could mean weekly, monthly or even up to three blog posts per week. This could be news about your business or group; relevant local, national or international news; images and articles
  • appropriate search engine optimisation for posts using keywords and links
  • advise and establish a ‘social media presence’ on various services such as twitter, facebook, google+, Pinterest, Instagram depending on how appropriate they are for you
  • promotion of all content on social media to encourage engagement and conversations
  • create conversations with your audience and respond to customer feedback
  • gather customer feedback and feedback to you on a regular basis
  • establishment of social media accounts and generation of contacts
  • regular posts to social media (often related to website content to drive traffic to the site)
  • develop and nurture relationships through ongoing conversations, retweets, favouriting, etc.
  • Facebook ads
  • development of hashtags and use of trending hashtag conversations to raise your profile
  • establish regular online discussions and conversations using hashtags to generate online ‘events’ in your name – such as Twitter chats
  • access to the social media management dashboard
  • easy to read monthly reports on social media activity