Who we are

We are a highly experienced team of consultants

As a group of independent consultants we offer a range of services that compliment each other. We enjoy working collaboratively to bring our individual skills and knowledge together.  We provide tailored services and can work closely with you to ensure that we offer a service that suits you. We often use technology to work at a distance which saves precious money and resources and can also help you to take advantage of digital media and services to do the same.

Our main goal is to help you as an individual, business or community group to tell your stories to each of your different audiences, whether that is a potential funder, customer or collaborative partners. All of us have a range of messages to get across and can have diverse targets for those messages. We can help you define and identify your audiences and tailor and refine your messages so that you can engage in an ongoing dialogue with them.


Lou McGill

Lou McGill

Lou works as an independent consultant in learning technologies and also specialises in print and web design. She is an established photographer/artist and previously ran an Art Gallery in southwest Scotland. She has experience of setting up and organising community groups, obtaining funding and writing promotional and publicity materials. She has considerable experience in the creative industries and also in the educational and health service sectors. She has over 15 years experience as a project manager and has operated as a programme manager for a national educational funding agency.

Laurie McGill

Laurie McGill

Laurie is a web designer and self-taught coder. He works with Lou to develop websites and takes responsibility for maintaining them and keeping everything working.

Tim Gray

Tim Gray

Tim is a fine artist and also a qualified teacher who currently works as a lecturer in animation at de Montfort University and previously at the Glasgow School of Art Digital Design Studio. With Lou, he set up an independent art gallery in Dumfries and Galloway. He worked with Lou to establish the Creative Whithorn Association and was Chair for the first year. He was also a member of the Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival board. Tim’s recent experience of running a small business and of leading a local community group has led to an excellent knowledge of funding sources in the creative industries.

Peter Andrew

Peter Andrew runs FP Business services and works closely with us. We decided to pull our services together to create a complete package for clients. Peter has a lot of experience of working with small businesses to identify growth opportunities, target their audiences well and create strategies for future development. This ties in well with the web design and social media services offered by us.

We can help you

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