Having a dialogue

Talking and listening

Dialogue is the single most important aspect of managing your relationships with your audience. People often put a lot of effort into transmitting information but forget to engage directly with their audience.

You need to know if you have correctly identified your message/s and if you are using the best mechanisms to get these across. Is your audience listening? Are your efforts effective? Are you making efficient use of your limited resources?

Engaging your audiences

There are numerous ways to engage your audience – from face to face events and meetings to online tools that help you carry out surveys or short polls. Are you making use of tracking mechanisms to see which parts of your website they are using most or where you lose them? Tracking how your audiences engage with your messages is a useful precursor to dialogue.

We can help you consider the best ways to carry out your dialogue or can act as independent and impartial facilitators on your behalf.

“The art of entrepreneurship and the science of Customer Development is not just getting out of the building and listening to prospective customers. It’s understanding who to listen to and why.
―  Steve Blank