Refining your story - a cyclical approach

Why is refining your message important?

 It is vital that you do not get complacent about your key message/s – as they regularly need refining and sometimes changing significantly. Taking a cyclical approach can ensure that your evaluation methods really do help with refining your story to reflect the changing needs of yourself and your audience.


If you have carried out effective evaluation and dialogue you will be able to reconsider your original message/s and refine this. It may be that your message remains the same but that you need to package it differently. This kind of approach is particularly important if you are trying to obtain funding or if you need to report back to funders.

If you have a team of people or group it is important to include all staff/people in this process – everyone needs to be ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’ and be aware of any changes in messages to ensure clarity. Involving all your stakeholders in evaluation is vital.

Tools and tips

Some people find the concept of evaluation a bit daunting but there is a wide range of methods and tools that can help you do this. Simple polls and surveys can be done face to face or carried out online. The feedback you get from reviews and testimonials all contributes to overall evaluation, as well a making sure that your staff or communities also need to feed into the dialogue. We can help you carry out a useful evaluation that really will feed into ongoing business development and refining your messages for different groups of people.

Contact us if you need help with this. We can either carry out an evaluation for you or provide advice, training and guidance to help you do it yourself.

“Design, refine and repeat, and keep learning all the way along. It sounds bland and pedestrian, but in fact, it’s the reverse.
― Anouska Hempel