Telling your story

Getting your messages out there

Once you have created your story/ies you need to make sure your audiences can find them. It is a waste of precious resources to put the content on a static website and hope people will find it. Telling your story effectively through a range of approaches is vital.

Using the web to get your messages to the right people requires an understanding of the technologies available and a clear ‘marketing’ strategy. (Not everyone likes to use that term, but this is the crux of getting your message across in the most effective ways).

It is likely that you will need to use both web-based approaches and face to face methods. The key is in getting the right balance between the needs of your audience/s and your resources (time, people, skills and finances).

Use different methods

We can provide help to make sure you are getting your story/ies out effectively by integrating your online presence with your face to face activities. We can help you balance passive approaches with more ‘push-type’ methods such as targeted activities.

The following elements need to be considered:

  • static web content
  • blogs/news updates
  • email newsletters
  • using social media (such as Facebook. LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)

“Visual storytelling of one kind or another has been around since cavemen were drawing on the walls.
― Frank Darabont