Social media

Social media refers to a wide range of tools and services that allow us to build online social networks. Although communication is a key aspect of these tools the notion of sharing content is crucial and these tools are a vital part of connecting, communication and sharing with your audience.

Examples include: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, SoundCloud

It is advisable to take advantage of social media because your competitors are likely to be using it already. There are some challenges around this – selecting the most appropriate service/s for you, and your audience is vital. It takes a lot of time and energy to use social media effectively, so you do not want to be wasting resources if your customers or service users do not use the service you have chosen. There are other considerations that might impact your use of these services, such as their terms and conditions, legal issues around ownership, and changes to services or service availability that can be difficult to manage.


twitter page for an art gallery

We can help you select and use social media to best effect for your needs and to enhance your online presence and tell your story.