Your online presence

As an individual, group or business you need to manage your online presence. Many of us have several different spaces online – you may have a facebook and twitter account as well as a website or blog. It is important that your audience can find the place that is most relevant to them. If they find you on Facebook, you need to steer them to your blog or website, so each different service needs to be linked, both literally and sometimes visually.

The image above is from which is a place to pull together different spaces or online services. This page belongs to Lou McGill and also links to the graphics on her printed business card. This helps to present a coherent view to your audience. As you can see the page pulls together Lou’s places on Flickr, a personal blog, Twitter, Behance, Youtube, and Linked in – as well as listing key websites.

It can be tempting to try a range of different services to connect with your audience, and very challenging to know which one will work for you. Sometimes it can be best to focus your energies on the place that feels most useful for you, as it can be difficult to keep several different social media services going – although many do allow you to link them – so if you post on Facebook, you can automatically post on Twitter aswell. We will be providing some guidance about different services and hints about getting the most out of them.

The key to getting this right is making sure you know your audience and how they work as well as being clear about your message/s and the best way to package them.